Sunday, 7 August 2011

I was debating weather to bother with making the new tanks as its allot of effort, but i am very glad I did. Also I should mention that my friend Mitch came up with the threaded rod idea.... thanks Mitch! Buren and I spend yesterday and today making and mounting the new tank the the stand. When we opened the old one we found allot of congealed grease mixed with rust all over the orings and the end of the tank. It would have not ended well if we filled it with nitrous. The new tank actually didn't take long to make but mounting it to the test stand was quite a hassle as we couldn't get it secured well enough and it would always come loose. I am quite happy with how the tank came out, and it is completely severicable so in future we can just open it up to clean it instead of having to cut the pipe up to get the caps out.

We also started cleaning out the nitrous side lines with acetone but the tanks took one day longer than expected so we didn't get that finished. All that needs to be done before the test next sunday is finnish cleaning out the lines and sort out the valve timing (time required to throttle and fully open the valves).

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