Monday, 1 August 2011

First test date set, odds and ends + new tank

I have been busy with the start of uni for the last week, but also have been talking to a few people about test sites and also some of the safety aspects to do with working with nitrous oxide.

We have found a location to conduct the first test, and set the date for the test as the 14th. Thanks to all the people who suggested test sites!

Things I need to do before the first test:

Make 10 igniters
Buy acetone and clean nitrous side lines
Dry lines
Modify plumbing for new pressurisation scheme
Make line from argon regulator to argon inlet
Flow test @ 500PSI - Check for leaks
make new tanks and install
Wire up argon solenoid
complete dry run
Clean relief valve with acetone
Set relief valves to 900PSI?

Following a discussions about nitrous oxide safety issues I am concerned about the traces of oil that might be in the main tanks. I have washed them out throughly, but There could still be oil trapped behind the o-rings and any oil would be really bad. The problem is that the current design does not allow for opening (have talked about this in detail before). I pressure test with oil, so i cant pressure test, then clean it internally. I have a new design which involves not bolting to the pipe, but using lengths of threaded rod running the length of the pipe to take the axial load. I have all parts required and if anything it should me much quicker than a regular tank because there are only 8 holes to drill (vs 12) and I don't have to thread the holes. One thing I am aware of is fracture induced by the thread in the rod, as it will introduce a large stress concentration. I have calculated this, and will also pressure test.

Add in pulse right forward + reverse buttons
Add in on for time buttons

The software is still rather basic, But it will do.

After I run the first test I will have a better Idea of what features i want in the control program. I have ideas for a automated sequence and other advanced features, but i want to do a basic test first to make sure everything works before I complicate it. One feature I will need to add before the test is button that moves both valves to low throttle and another for fully open. Also a close valve button wouldn't be a bad idea.

Also for the first test I won't have time to install the pressure transducers or have a working load cell amplifier but I am more concerned about other things at the moment.

A few things to do but I have till the 14th.

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