Sunday, 28 August 2011

Buren and I worked yesterday on fixing up the oxidizer tank mounting. I was thinking the other day about the run tanks and concluded that their no different from the tanks used by commercial hybrid rockets (as the tank is of course vented to reduce the pressure inside).We decided to just bolt the tank to the test stand as we were having difficulty with the steel round system.

We also removed the actuated valves and mounted the valve hardware to a much thicker piece of c section as the valves had a bit of flex at the last test. Also at the last test Buren broke off the head of one of the bolts holding the valve plates on so we had to drill out the remaining pieces of bolt. They came out easily so the hole didn't need re-tapping. I also made the mounting plate to hold the potentiometers (for feedback).

I am just waiting for the electronics to come then I can start on upgrading the electronics.

Unfortunately the next test will have to be delayed by a week because Ariel and Rob will be busy during the planed test day.

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