Thursday, 21 July 2011

Slow testing injectors, New battery

Yesterday I assembled the load and two injector plates and tested the combustion chambers injectors for the first time with low pressure water (250PSI). Everything went smoothly and there did not apear to be any leaked from the injectors o-rings. I ran out of thread tape towards the end so I just went without which resulted in me getting quite wet. I didn't take too manny photos because of that. Also yesterday I went to a local garage and managed to get two quite good car batteries they were getting rid of which i am now using to power the test stand.I am always amazed at the perfectly good things people throw out, and in the case of car batteries as soon as the car wont start most people go straight to a new battery, and mechanics are more than happy to sell it to them. I had to hold back my entrepreneurial side from getting lots and selling them! I am now running the test stand completely from the computer which is really satisfying.

Tomorrow i want to work on the electric valves. This will involve installing their relays, making a few spacers and modifying the program for the new inputs. I am unsure exactly how controlling the valves by pulsing them on and off will work, i may have a few buttons in the program, an arrow or a entry fiend where you enter the number of seconds you want the valve to turn for. I will do some experimenting to see waht works best. After i get those working i will do a high pressure flow test (don't want to go past 750PSI while i am anywhere near the tanks) so i may drive somewhere to test out how the trailer performs on road and what comes loose. After that i will be pretty much ready for the test. At the moment i am only waiting for a test site. The site we were going to use at Warrack fell through and i am currently waiting on a response from a few others who may be kind enough to let us test at their remote properties. It would be really nice to test this weekend but without anywhere to test thats not going to happen.

I did have a crazy idea to buy a small lot of land a few hours away from brisbane. There are some places for as low as $5000 for 10's of hectares about two hours drive. Most of them are sold as opal fossicking  sites so I am not really sure if i would own the land or just the rights to mine on it. For a step up in price ($10000) you can get a small freehold piece of land. I was looking at one 12 Hectare lot near esk. Really it doesn't matter how big the land is as long as there is nothing around so as long as i can use the mining site for whatever i want it should do nicely. I would be more tempted if i could justify it as an investment but but realistically a verry small property in the middle of nowhere wont appreciate and will be very difficult to sell if i ever wanted to. Also the cheap lots are very hilly and only have 4WD access though neibouring lots. This might make getting equipment (shipping container for example) difficult. I know its a pretty radical solution to the problem of not having anywhere to test but it would have lots of advantages.

Also when at repco today i found a interesting source of cheap high pressure flexible hose. Its grease gun hose and its rated to a surprisingly high pressure considering it only carries grease (5000PSI). I am not sure how compatible it would be with nitrous oxide but I always get excited when i find a source of  a new material i have been looking for!

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