Saturday, 2 July 2011

95% complete injector assembly, fixed python, started actuated valves

Yesterday after i got back and today I machined the injector assembly, and drilled and tapped holes to hold them on. On monday i will buy the required o-rings then the chamber will be complete.

I was not sure weather to use threaded rod or bolts to hold the chamber together. I will probably go with threaded rod as it can be extended to the mounting point on the load cell.

Marking out on work is a skill that takes a long time to learn properly but most of the time I cheat by taping a piece of paper with the positions of the holes i want to drill. I gave my rotary table a go but i couldn't get the chamber properly held  as it is long and I don't have the right sized tee nuts. Still drilling the holes to hold the chamber together went very well and i am happy with the results. I originally drilled and tapped M5 threads but i couldn't buy any bolts that were long enough so i just made them M6.

I also made a start on the actuated valves but am still struggling to find a way to hold the vale to the motor. I was considering milling up a bracket but that will take a lot longer than i wanted to spend on it. I will pribally just go with two plates held together with bolts.

I also figured out what was wrong with python. Apparently on mac if you dont have this thing called TCL/TK it wont work properly. Programming in tkinter is a bit more complicated than i remember in my first year programming classes, and I spent most of the time i was away just brushing up on syntax and this object orientated business. I am currently trying to incorporate serial into the program which i am having trouble with as its all event driven and there is no main loop as i am used to.

Things that need to still be done:

Make motor valve couplings and adapters
Order 4 more rod end bearings
Make second actuated valve
Order all relays, connectors and protoboard
Make electronics distribution box
Source large battery for water pump
Source small battery for other electronics
Finnish control program
Attach remaining plumbing to test stand
Attach electronics to test stand
Put test stand on trailer
mount water resivior on trailer
Pressure test
Systems test

I also need to have a good think about that start up sequence I am using. I will need to do some reading into this.

I am started to get a bit distracted with all the other things i could be doing on holidays. Not that i don't love working on rocket stuff but without the routine of uni it is hard to wake up when i don't need to be awake.

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