Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Today i diffident really get much done. I did get a few parts I needed including: pretty much the rest of the fittings i need to complete the test stand plumbing, some aluminum brackets for the actuated valves, and some parts to make a ardwino breakout board. My plan is to have two boxes one for the ardwino and other electronics and one for the high current relays that control the valves etc. I want to keep them separate as the relays could interfere with anoluge parts of the micro controller.

I feel like the pace of work is slowing down a bit and tomorrow I want to get alot done to make up for the lack of progress in the last few days. I ordered the relays i needed on Sunday but they haven even been shipped yet so I am not particular hopeful about the Sunday deadline i set myself. I also ordered some other components from sparkfun which havent been shipped yet either.

Things i want to do tommoro:

Couple the valve and motor to the bracket I bought today
Make a plate adapter from the ball valve stem and another for the motor shaft

Mount the load cells to the test stand
Make an adapter plate from engine to load cell

Plumb the oxidizer side of test stand - Still waiting on more solenoids
Experiment with the completed valve adapter - See if i can make the valve turn reliably simply by pulsing the motor. Also want to try varying the voltage.

Buy two enclosures - one for the relays and one for the electronics. was thinking of just using cheap tool cases from the hardware store as actual electronics enclosures are overpriced considering their just boxes made of plastic.

Buy M6 threaded rod

Also i need to get Ariels help in designing the layout of all the electronics. Will be a big day but I feel like i am starting to get a bit lazy so I think i need to push myself a bit harder.

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