Monday, 22 October 2012

Vertical Test Stand

On Sunday I finished most of the new test stand:

Plumbing is not installed yet because I was missing a few bits and pieces. The good thing about the design is that the hovering rocket thruster+mount only requires two bolts to remove from the rocket and one to attach to the test stand. The frame itself was kindly donated by Ashley from Advanced Rocketry Queensland. We modified it slightly by putting a cross beam which the load-cell is bolted to. I will pickup the remaining fittings and we should be able to get it finished tomorrow night.

Also I found a new supplier of budget pressure transducer which I am highly excited about! I had been looking since the old supplier ran out of the surplus stock they had and finally found a new one! They key word was "pressure sender".... They are brass which is not idea but will be at the top of the tank so shouldn't be exposed to much liquid peroxide. They also stock 0-500PSI instead of  0-2000 as the old ones were, so should give better resolution. eBay store is here if anyone is interested.

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