Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Its been a bit of a hodgepodge lately so I wanted to set some goals:

By Sunday:

  • Get and install real time clock on flight controller so logs can be easily compared to video
  • Order new pressure transducer - Try to figure out why they keep breaking. Possibly they need a better regulator.
  • Implement new logging system for compatibility with Matlab - One main log and one for auto commands with no text
  • Fix issue with control system that caused problem with last test
  • Write Auto warmup routine & command - 5 pulses @ 15 for 20ms

On Sunday:

  • Test the attitude loop again.
  • Lower test stand and make new fatter legs (from PVC pipe?)
  • Check that the lower rocket cant hit anything before test
  • Come up with basic design for new vertical test stand and start making frame
    • Uses current flight tank instead of nitrous bottle
    • Engine + extensions bolt directly to load cell adapter plate
    • Use Arduino instead of labview for easier controll and higher speed logging
    • Use flight computer on test stand or get dedicated controller? 
    • Re-use old stand that is under one of the benches?
If we can get all the bits for the new stand by next Tuesday we should be able to put it together then. If the attitude loop goes well on Sunday (maintain a vertical hover taking off from the legs) we might not have to test the engines but I would still like to get a good thrust curve by varying the duty cycle linearly as it will be useful later on.

Yesterday I had to be somewhere else so we didn't end up meeting. 

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