Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Purchased 3D printer

I bought a 3D printer about a month ago but it still hasn't shipped. Actually I bought %25 of a 3D printer with Buren kindly paying for the rest. After weighing up a few options I went for a "Solidoodle 3"; it seemed like the best value printer that came assembled and was in stock. It should be here in a few weeks time.

Aside from that nothing has been happening rocketry wise. Buren and I have had a few discussions about how to attack development of a mainly plastic 3D printer hybrid. The plan so far is: once the printer arrives Burn will start with some material testing and data gathering while I dive into tank design. There is very little data available for pieces printed on hobbyist 3D printers. Aside from RC parts there don't seem to be many people using hobbyist 3D printers in structural applications. I am anticipating reliability/repeatability to be a major issue. I want to get a really good understanding of how the seemingly infinite number of printing parameters affect strength. It would be a shame if we developed an engine that worked some of the time on our printer but other people couldn't copy it....


  1. Hi, John,

    I'm very interested in your experience with this. I started my 3D printer company specifically because I wanted to do what you're describing.

    Also, please let me know if I can be of help.


  2. Hey Ben. My apologies for the late reply. One thing I could really use help with is slicing settings for max inter layer strength in solid parts. I would also love to talk more about your experiences printing rocket parts. You can contact me at johnscott4(at)me.com.