Sunday, 12 August 2012

Delayed Test

Yesterday I planed on doing a basic test firing of the thrusters to check if everything was woking before starting to tune/test our control system. Unfortunately we didn't get that far because I fried all 3 solid state relays by wiring them backwards. I figured that because they were switches it didn't matter which way they were wired. As it turns out they are not just switches....

Instead we did all the other things needed required for a hanging test. I am going to pick up some replacement relays locally which should work (they are rated for a minimum 24v and I am using 12) . If not I will have to wait a while for new ones.

In order to retract the pressurisation tube and quick disconnect after pressurising we are going to use a simple pulley system which pulls the line and electrical cable off to one side of the stand.

For the pressurisation and venting I decided to go with simple hard wired electronics instead of a separate micro controller which would be triggered by the computer.

This is the quick disconnect sam made a while ago. It looks a bit crude but works every time.

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