Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hovering Vehicle Progress

Burren and I have been working on rocket things full full time since saturday. There is too much to talk about in detail but here are a few progress photos.

I have made a new electronics box as the old one was too big and heavy for the current design. 

Burren has been machining engines.  They don't look quite as impressive with the small (optimal) nozzle.

I decided to move all the electronics to the top as the bottom was getting a little cramped with the engine spacers. My reason for having it on the bottom initially was to not have to run wires to the engine solenoids but an extra 20g of wire is worth the convince. Also the electronics will be much easier to work on when there are on top.

We decided to make a custom 4 way splitter as the 4 way cross was heavy and would have meant that one of the pipes came out the bottom. This would have caused an imbalance from the forces due to the liquid flowing through the pipes.

We also did another thruster thruster test on Saturday which was the best one yet. As it turns out the variable thrust produced by the engine is actually due to the motor rattling around the tube as it wasn't restrained properly. Max thrust was about 5.2Kg which I am happy with. I will upload the video/graph when I get time.

We also have another volunteer. Sam is 2nd year Mech and Aero student at the University of Queensland. Sam is currently working on the quick disconnect system which will closely resemble Paul Breeds quick disconnect

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