Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Today I received the 20L of %90 peroxide I ordered last week. I also managed to find a supplier of solid pure silver mesh in Australia and ordered 18 pieces of 60x60mm mesh in approx. 20 and 60 mesh with .25 and .5 mm wire thickness, which arrived today. I am hoping to get 162 20mm discs from these.

I was considering going down the plating route but after some pricey quotes for plating, and considering the stripping troubles others have had I am going to go with solid mesh. I may consider going to plated for a larger engine, but at the moment solid silver is not much more expensive.

This weekend I would like to machine up a basic brass chamber and start to test various mesh configurations. Funnily enough i have been having more trouble finding stainless mesh than pure silver so my plan at the moment involves kitchen strainers......

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