Saturday, 3 September 2011

yesterday Buren and I worked for most of yesterday and finished the improved actuated valves (minus two shaft couplers I have to lathe). I also tested the pressure transducers and found them to be simple to use. We then started on a few modifications to the plumbing including adding a manual vent to the ox side plumbing. I was hopping to have the electrical components I ordered by now but they should arrive next week and won't take long to install. I also made a start on rewiring the relay box by removing all the old relays and mounting and wiring the new motor controller.

Hopefully  the new motor controllers combined with the feedback will mean good control over valve position, but I suspect that it won't be good enough for precise throttle control (like the kind that would be needed on a hovering vehicle). A ball valve is needed because its quick to actuate, but I was thinking why not use a actuated needle valve and a ball valve in series. A needle valve is not quick enough to be used as the main valve (would take a few seconds to open) but they are much more accurate at setting flow rates, and once the engine is going thrust won't need to change any after than this anyway. Just one possible mod.

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