Friday, 27 May 2011

Things to do before test

Thought I would make a list of all the things that need to be done, and parts that need to be ordered before the first test firing of our 100N nitrous oxide-ethanol test engine is conducted.

New injector needs to be lathed.
M3 holes need to be tapped in motor
O - ring groves on aluminium chamber need to be finished.
Spare Steel motor need to be lathed - Incase the aluminium one melts
Igniters x lots

Test Stand:
Mount load cell to adapter
Mount manual ball valves
Mount relief valve
Mount regulator + argon tank
Plumb all components together
Pressure test
Cold flow test with dry-ice -> liquid CO2

Automatic Valves:
Make coupling frame
make plate with square + round holes
Calibrate valves

Monitoring + Control:
Test pressure transducer
Tap pressure transducers into chamber
Fabricate box for controller
Code control dashboard

To Buy:
New 0.6mm brass injectors - IFS
Square key stock
Solenoid's for motor control
SLA battery for control system - From chris?
Adapter: Nitrous tank AN10? - 1/4" BSP
1/4" flexible hose oxygen safe - Male-Male
USB extension adapter

All up I estimate this will take 1.5-2 weeks working 9-5. There is quite a lot to do, but I have nearly all of the parts already or on order so there shouldn't I waiting for anything. Also my new lathe has speeded up lathing quite a bit. My last exam is on the 24th of june, so after then I am planing on working pretty much continuously. Hopefully we will be ready to conduct a test in the third week of the holidays. I would also like to use some of my holiday time to another project, which I wont discuss now.

As for the test site, its still not clear where we are going to conduct the test. There is talk of using a location at pinjara hills, but its not certain yet. I have a few friends who have farms etc which we could use but they will be at least a two hour drive.

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